Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson, apart from being the captains of their respective countries, are among the best batsmen in the world right now. Former New Zealand batsman Glenn Turner, when asked to pick between them, said that due to the conditions they grew up playing in and the contrast in their personalities, he would pick Kane Williamson over Virat Kohli in tough batting conditions, but said that the India captain would likely perform better on a good batting track due to his natural tendency to dominate. Turner, however, said that despite Kohli being more aggressive and confrontational than Williamson, it didn’t mean that either was less determined to win.

“The significant differences between talented batsmen are generated by the playing conditions they were brought up on, along with their personalities,” he told The Telegraph.

“Kohli is less likely to have been exposed early in his development to seaming pitches and the ball continuing to swing for extended periods, whereas Williamson will have experienced those conditions more often,” Turner said.

“Kohli’s greater exposure to pitches that take turn will have him more accustomed to playing spin better. Conditions less favourable for swing and seamers will also have allowed him more opportunities to become good at aggressively dominating that type of bowling,” he added.

“Besides, Kohli’s personality appears to be more naturally aggressive and confrontational than Williamson’s, but that does not leave either party with less determination to succeed,” said Turner, who is the head of New Zealand’s selection panel.

“Their main motivation to succeed is contrasting, but so what!” he said.


“I would only say that under tougher batting conditions, I would back Williamson ahead of Kohli. Under good batting conditions, Kohli is likely to be more dominant, thereby providing his team with more time to get a favourable result,” Turner concluded.

Kohli has scored 7240 runs from 86 Tests at an average of 53.62 while Williamson has amassed 6476 runs from 80 Tests at an average of 51.63.

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